Boss motivates

The boss got out of a BMW 7 series and a junior employee remarked ” wow Boss, That’s Great”. The boss said “If you also work hard, be Punctual, put in more hours of work in the Weekends, take fewer holidays I will be able to buy an even better car next year”. Get tips from [...]

Lost Generation – poem

A 14-year old allegedly wrote this poem, apparently in the spirit of Jonathan Reed’s “Lost Generation.” As with all things on the Internet, its authenticity is in doubt, but its message is powerful. Our generation will be known for nothing. Never will anybody say, We were the peak of mankind. That is wrong, the truth [...]

Attitude Matters

Once a Bird asked a Bee: After constant hard-work, you prepare honey. But a man comes & steals it. Do you not feel sad ? Wonderful reply by Bee: Never… Because only thing man can do is to steal 'my honey'… not the 'art of making honey'…     In this world, anyone can copy [...]