Information on Hinduism for Kids The information about Hinduism is beautifully summarised information published on Woodlands Junior School website.

St Iives diving girls

AAP Kejriwal wins Delhi elections 2015

AAP Ka Kejriwal wins Delhi elections 2015. Delhi has given him a second chance to fulfil the promises that he can do in full majority.


Your child is cute and sharing photos

Everyone knows and agrees your child is cute. Please be careful when sharing their photos on the Internet. You never know who is watching…


Work expands to fit the time allotted

Work expands to fit the time allotted,” meaning that if you give yourself a week to do something, it will take you the entire week to complete the task.

TomTom vs Google maps navigation

Will Google Maps swallow TomTom in next five years and make it extinct ?

Phones4u goes into administration

The only reason Phones4u went downunder is that they never had working demo handsets in their shops for customers to experience it. So they never returned. May be it might be one of the cost saving strategies the company that led to downfall.

What does privacy mean to you

Privacy ends when you press iAccept button on terms and conditions and download an app that has access to your details, location, activities and friends !!! iWatch would be a device that will keep a watch on your health, wealth and happiness. Apple Watch OfficialRead more…

Heart vs Head – who wins

Sometime no matter what the evidence points to, you do what you want to do. Like some people they calls themselves vegetarians but they are ok consuming dairy products !!!